Richard "Buzy" Cooke

The Southern Cruisers Riding Club Chapter # 138 of Lynchburg, Virginia lost a valued member of our family, 
our brother Richard “Buzy” Cooke. Buzy left us too soon but has gone on to be with his wife Kathy , 
they brought so many wonderful memories to our club. He was a long outstanding Southern Cruiser member here 
in the Hill City Chapter and also a active participant of the Lynchburg Toy Run for 35 years.


Buzy had a love for camping, riding, and spending time with his grandchildren. 
He had a huge heart and was as kind, thoughtful, and generous as a man could be, which made him so many friends 
everywhere he went. Buzy was loved by everyone that knew him and was a great asset to the Hill City Chapter.


Buzy’s SCRC number # 138026 will be retired and put on the National SCRC wall for fallen members 
never to be released again.

He will always be a SCRC member and we will never forget him.